There are several ways you can help us address food insecurity in our area:

  • Support a school’s effort to start a Helping Hands program chapter with needed start-up supplies ($2,000);

  • Help feed a child and family at a participating school ($8/mo or $80/yr);

  • Help feed all families at a participating school ($400/mo or $4,000/yr);

  • Help a school district maintain the program and get needed supplies and food;

  • Support us on eBay or AmazonSmile, buy t-shirts, establish monthly giving programs through  www.helpinghandsendinghunger.org/donate

  • Coordinate an employee/community food drive to collect needed food for a participating school chapters;

  • Volunteer at one or more of our region’s mobile food pantries;

  • Donate to our Scholarship Fund recognizing and rewarding Helping Hands graduates who either are leaders in our program or participate by receiving food.

We participate in Amazon Charity Lists which identifies needed items accessed through the following link:

Thank you very much for your consideration. Together, we can #feedchange. If we can get you plugged in, please reach out!


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Air Heat Chickamauga
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