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There are several ways you can help us address food insecurity in our area:

  • Support a school’s effort to start a Helping Hands program chapter with needed start-up supplies ($3,000);

  • Help feed a child and family at a participating school ($30/mo or $360/yr);

  • Help feed all families at a participating school ($500/mo or $6,000/yr);

  • Help a school district maintain the program and get needed supplies and food;

  • Buy t-shirts, establish monthly giving programs through

  • Coordinate an employee/community food drive to collect needed food for a participating school chapters;

  • Volunteer at one or more of our region’s mobile food pantries;

  • Donate to our Scholarship Fund recognizing and rewarding Helping Hands graduates who either are leaders in our program or participate by receiving food;

  • Donate to our ESTHER initiative and provide direct support to a family in crisis.

Thank you very much for your consideration. Together, we can #feedchange. If we can get you plugged in, please reach out!


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